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Techorage Content Guidelines for Writers

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Brands and authors must work together to create successful content. Provide precise writing instructions to help writers succeed.

Outsourced authors frequently cause problems for the in-house content team

  • Inadequate practical experience or expertise (49%).
  • Content of poor quality (42%).
  • Several revisions (36%).
  • Inconsistency as a result of varied writing styles (27%).

What Your Writers Need to Know

Content guidelines are the instructions given to outsourced writers by businesses or their in-house content teams to generate commissioned content. Style guidelines, product information, and tool access are examples of these.

 Detailed content guidelines provide several advantages:

Save Money and Time

You will save both time and money. Professional writers can’t read your mind, especially if they’re not part of your team. You may decrease modifications on both sides by providing the necessary facts with them.

In other words, content guidelines provide authors with a sense of what they want and anticipate from a content piece before they begin writing.

Promote Consistency

It promotes consistency. A content brief ensures that both authors and editors are on the same page in terms of content style, tone, and objectives.

Sets the tone for your project: Collaboration between brands and authors results in great content. You perform your part by offering precise writing directions, and showing to the writers what you want from the content piece.

Enables you to scale content development.

Because you can simply onboard new writers and editors to produce and edit material in your brand’s style and tone, a common set of writing rules allows you to increase and scale content creation

So, if you offer content guidelines, your problems be solved? No, it will not suffice. Your outcomes are determined by the specifics you include in those content requirements.

What Should Be Included in Content Guidelines?

  • The welcome package.
  • The editing procedure.
  • Style guide for the brand.
  • Visual Guidelines
  • Short on content.

They do not attend your regular team meetings. You must give explicit content recommendations to compensate for this void.

The welcome package

When you begin working with new authors, give them a welcome packet that includes all of the information they need to know to generate content for you, such as:

  • Your company’s brand and its value proposition.
  • Your content objectives.
  • Topics on which you frequently write.
  • Questions and answers regarding working with you.
  • Writers can contact members of your team with queries about content and billing.

The editing procedure

The editing process outlines what authors may anticipate dealing with regularly – your brand’s content pipeline. After both parties have signed an agreement, it sets the expected timing for each activity.

  • Edits to lines or paragraphs for syntax, spelling, grammar, clarity, and formatting;
  • Titles, headlines, and subheadings have been updated.
  • Content length, appropriateness, clarity, and writing style have all been improved. After we make essential modifications, you can request a final review.

Style guide for the brand.

A style guide outlines the rules and regulations of brand writing. It guides in-house and outsourced content teams and ensures that your material is compatible with the brand’s concept.

  • A style guide addresses the following topics:
  • Grammar (passive vs. active voice).
  • Style and formatting specifications.
  • The tone (casual or formal).
  • Punctuation choices (whether to use an Oxford comma or not).
  • Use of words (abbreviation, inclusive language, or jargon).
  • Spelling choices (e-commerce vs. e-commerce, for example).
  • Pronoun use or point of view (first or second person).

Visual Guidelines

Most businesses incorporate visual principles into their style guides, while some choose to keep them distinct. In any case, visual rules are an essential component of your content guidelines, as brand graphics influence the textual portion of content development.

Make sure your visual guidelines contain the following:

  • Image directions
  • Preferred formats
  • Image sizes and resolutions
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Logos and icons

Short on content.

A content brief is a writing guide that freelance writers may use when crafting a specific piece of content for your firm. Content briefs vary in subject based on the assignment from the other content standards on the list, but they are vital to crafting a spectacular content piece.

The content brief must include the following fundamental information:

  • Name of the client.
  • Count the words.
  • Type of article (blog post, case study, or white paper).
  • The deadline.

Guidelines for Content Submission

  • You must produce articles or blog posts that are 1000+ words long and provide more value to our viewers.
  • Make certain that the information is original and free of typos and grammar problems.
  • You may include up to three links in your blog post or article. One to your site (D-F link) and the others as reference links (to too high authority-related sites). To add value to your information, you may provide links to high-quality web resources.
  • Outgoing links in a blog article should be related to the industry, niche, or blog.
  • Subheadings, bullet points, and paragraphs can be used to improve the readability of the text and make it easier to read and absorb. When including subheadings, use h2, and h3 tags creatively.
  • After publication, you can make two small changes to your article.
  • Once an item has been published on our blog, you are not permitted to publish it elsewhere, even on your site.
  • It is encouraged to utilize high-quality, relevant, and copyright-free (fully optimized) pictures and graphics to make the content more attention-grabbing and easier to read.
  • When utilizing relevant photos, make sure you don’t violate any copyrights and provide credit where it’s due.

Collaboration between the brand and writers is frequently the source of good content. Don’t be a dreadful client. Improve the experience of working with outsourced content teams by offering writing rules that they may follow to develop material that is more in line with your objectives.


Feel free to contact our dedicated team at for any clarifications, submission guidelines, or further information. We’re excited to collaborate with you and make your guest posting experience smooth and rewarding.