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If you’re an avid PUBG Mobile player you know the allure of having unique skins for your weapons and character. These cosmetic tweaks not only enhance your appearance but also make you stand out in the battleground. This guide well explore ten methods to acquire free skins in PUBG Mobile allowing you to customize your gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Utilize Google Opinion Rewards (Paid Method)

Google Opinion Rewards is a reputable app that rewards users with money for completing surveys. While you can’t directly get skins you can use the earned money to purchase UC (Unknown Cash) and buy skins.

Download Google Opinion Rewards from the Play Store or App Store.

Complete surveys to accumulate money.

Use the earned money to buy UC and subsequently skins.

Invest in Elite or Royal Pass (Free Method)

Purchasing an Elite or Royal Pass is a worthwhile investment. Seasonal missions often reward players with UC providing an opportunity to acquire free gun skins and other items.

Buy an Elite or Royal Pass.

Complete seasonal missions to earn UC.

Use UC to purchase skins.

Daily Achievements and Crate Openings (Free Method)

Complete daily achievement tasks and challenges to earn free gun skins. Opening crates also presents a chance to get exclusive skins.

Focus on daily achievement tasks in the game.

Participate in challenges to unlock random gun skins.

Open crates and test your luck for valuable rewards.

Beware of Free UC Generators and Hacks (Warning)

Avoid falling victim to scams promising free UC through generators or hacks. These schemes often request personal information and lead to surveys wasting your time without delivering any skins.

Stay vigilant against websites like or Pubgmobile. fun.

Don’t share your username or device details on suspicious platforms.

Avoid completing surveys for supposed free skins.

Participate in Seasonal Events (Free Method)

PUBG Mobile frequently hosts seasonal events with opportunities to earn free skins. Keep an eye on in-game announcements for upcoming events.

Monitor in-game announcements for seasonal events.

Participate in events to earn specific rewards including skins.

Follow PUBG Mobile Social Media (Free Method)

PUBG Mobile often shares redeem codes and giveaways on their official social media platforms. Keep an eye on these channels for chances to get free skins.

Follow PUBG Mobile on Facebook Twitter and other social media platforms.

Look out for redeeming codes and promotional events.

Redeem codes promptly to claim free skins.

Complete Royale Pass Missions (Free Method)

Royale Pass missions offer additional opportunities to earn UC and free skins. Focus on completing these missions to enhance your collection.

Purchase Royale Pass.

Regularly check and complete missions to earn UC and skins.

Join PUBG Mobile Communities (Free Method)

Engage with the PUBG Mobile community through forums Discord or Reddit. Some community-driven events or giveaways may offer free skins.

Join PUBG Mobile communities.

Participate in community events or giveaways.

Follow community guidelines for a chance to win skins.

Complete Workshop Guncraft Spins (Free Method)

Utilize the Workshop Guncraft option to spin the wheel and get free gun skins permanently.

Open PUBG Mobile and go to the Workshop.

Click on the Guncraft option.

Spin the wheel for a chance to obtain free gun skins.

Redeem Codes from Partner Platforms (Free Method)

Keep an eye on partner platforms or events that may release redeem codes. These codes can be entered in the redemption center for free skins.

Monitor partner platforms for PUBG Mobile events.

Retrieve redeem codes and enter them in the redemption center.

Collect free skins as rewards.

Conclusion Unlocking Your Skins Collection

With these ten methods, you have a diverse range of options to expand your skins collection in PUBG Mobile. Whether it’s through paid methods like Google Opinion Rewards or free avenues like completing achievements and participating in community events each approach brings you closer to your desired skins. Stay informed be cautious of scams and enjoy enhancing your PUBG Mobile experience with these free skin acquisition methods.

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